Ten Ways To Transform For The Digital Future

Companies need to fundamentally change how they do technology to drive innovation

In nearly all companies today, the leadership of the technology division is trying to balance the challenge of maintaining existing legacy platforms and cutting costs, while simultaneously supporting efforts to drive business and digital innovation and invest in the future. Perhaps not surprisingly, many companies are struggling to achieve these often conflicting goals.

Transforming an organization from one that thinks of technology as a necessary cost to support revenue generating activities, to one that thinks of technology as the way to drive competitive advantage and top line growth is extremely difficult. Organizations that achieve this transformation are going to be industry leaders in the future, and those that do not risk being consigned to the dustbin of corporate history.

In order to act differently, you need to think differently. In our research and consulting, we are seeing companies implement their own technology transformations and successfully change in ways that offer ideas and lessons that could be widely adopted by other companies, irrespective of their industry.

Read the full report for a list of ten best practices and innovative ideas that have had positive impact across a wide range of different types of organizations and industries.