Private Banking By Chinese Securities Companies

China has emerged to become the world’s 4th largest market by HNWI population, following US, Japan and Germany, on the back of economic take-off and wealth accumulation in past decades.

Banks and other non-bank financial institutions are responding to such trends and actively building up their presences to provide advanced financial services for their HNWI customers.

The needs for HNWIs in China have begun to evolve away from the traditionally preferred high-yield non-standardised investment products, and become increasingly linked with the capital markets. Capitalising on their natural linkages with the capital markets, securities companies in China are well positioned to provide unique propositions to China’s emerging families, entrepreneurs, professional investors and other wealthy individuals. This requires a fundamental transformation in the business model of the securities industry – from one that is siloed and transaction-oriented, to one that is integrated and with more emphasis on advisory and solutions.

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Private Banking By Chinese Securities Companies