Demonetization: Implications For Financial Services Player

The demonetization policy announced by the Indian Prime Minister on 8 November 2016 has been one of the most remarkable policy actions in recent years. In the days after the announcement, bank branches and ATMs became symbolic of the ‘pulse’ of the public reaction.

The banking industry also came into focus as the primary platform for execution of the policy. It seems that Indian banks have successfully implemented the herculean task of replacement of old notes. However, the recent operational complexities may have taken away attention from the opportunities or threats that banks and other financial services players may face in a post-demonetised world.

In this special joint report, Oliver Wyman and Ambit Capital share our perspectives on questions that senior leaders at financial services institutions need to address on the impact of demonetization on their strategies to succeed in the new world order. We conclude that the medium-term agenda items to be tackled by Indian banks remain unchanged from the topics covered in the flagship Oliver Wyman report “Indian banks: Tacking into the wind”. In addition, we define some additional consideration for banks to make the most of the immediate opportunities and business challenges.