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Complex risks create both threats and opportunities. In the Oliver Wyman Risk Journal  Video Library, our partners share their latest thinking and analytics regarding many of the toughest strategic challenges for management teams.

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Our seventh edition of the Oliver Wyman Risk Journal shares our perspectives on many of today’s toughest management challenges, including the impact of digitization on businesses and workforces, cyberattacks, and political upheaval.

Oliver Wyman CEO Scott McDonald on how we can prepare for the advance of AI.

John Drzik, President of Marsh Global Risks, on new risks to global prosperity.

Partner Paul Mee on how comanies can combat today's sophisticated cyberattacks.

Partner Barrie Wilkinson warns banks should be more mindful that demand for their services could collapse.

Partner Marc Boilard on how traditional spare-parts suppliers in automotive and aviation are about to be disrupted.

Partner Paul Beswick on what Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods means.

Partner Davide Taliente on how multinationals can adapt to a political mood that does not care for them at all.

Partner David Gillespie on how agility must be part of the risk manager's agenda.

Partner Sam Glick on three mistakes in US healthcare that emerging economies cannot make.

Partner George Faigen on what supermarkets can learn from their competition.

Partner Thierry Mennesson on ow new European data protection regulations will change more than most companies expect.

Why oil-rich nations needed to diversify their economies after drop in oil prices in 2014.

Partners Adrian Murphy, Stefano Boezio, and Allan Meyer on why do financial institutions need to revamp their ant-money laundering methods

Partner Fady Khayatt on how insurers should prepare for more vehicles with autonomous functions

Lippincott senior associate Dan Clay on how companies should rethink their businesses to keep up with the customer of future