Stress Testing and Macroprudential Regulation

A Transatlantic Assessment

The Centre for Economic Policy Research Press eBook presents the perspectives of policymakers, stress test designers and academics on the remarkable development of stress testing, a tool which ten years ago was little known but has now emerged as a major component of the supervisory toolkit.

The eBook includes a chapter by Til Schuermann, Partner in Oliver Wyman’s Finance & Risk and Public Policy Practices titled “Stress testing in wartime and in peacetime”. Stress testing as a bank supervisory tool is rapidly spreading across the globe. From Australia, the US, Canada and the UK, to Scandinavia and continental Europe, stress testing is becoming a familiar sight to banks and bank supervisors alike. The tool that helped draw a line under the recent financial crisis by providing clarity on the health of the banking system is migrating into ordinary and everyday risk management as well as regulation and supervision. It worked so well in the crisis – in wartime – why not keep using it in peacetime?

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