The E-Commerce Dilemma in B2B Distribution

Why, despite the urgency around e-commerce, many are missing the massive upside on digital customer engagement

In recent discussions with CEOs of large billion-dollar distributors, we have seen a level of urgency around e-commerce. This urgency appears to have reached a tipping point among distributors, and CEOs and boards are starting to see it as a “need-to-have” versus a “nice-to-have.”

However, despite the focus surrounding e-commerce, the customer impact and financial returns from most programs have been underwhelming. Most businesses are focused on technology and operations, putting too little weight on the commercial strategy, which is the true determinant of success.

We believe there is an opportunity to be captured with e-commerce and more broadly in the digital reinvention of customer engagement. Our experience in both retail and distribution suggests that most successful e-commerce programs are grounded in a robust commercial strategy. In this article we discuss six ways to help your e-commerce program start capturing the massive upside.

The E-Commerce Dilemma in B2B Distribution