German Insurance 2025

Over the past decade, the insurance sector has undergone significant changes. But the issue of transformation has never been as crucial as it is today. There are a number of causes, including low-interest environments, Solvency II, digitalization and new customer journeys, cost pressure and new market entrants – to name a few.

Insurers are proactively taking on the increasing pressure for change and are already adapting many parts of their business models. The key challenge is looking at how the insurance market will develop in the medium to long term and establish a successful position in this market

In our new Oliver Wyman report "Insurance 2025" we analyze the future of Germany's insurance market. Looking ahead to the year 2025, we outline the major changes for product and sales mixes, business and claims, as well as financial and risk management. Ultimately, the winners will be the ones who define their strategic focus early on, establish clear priorities and consistently drive change.

This publication is available in German only.

German Insurance 2025