Financial Deepening in Indonesia

Funding Infrastructure Development – Catalyzing Economic Growth

Financial deepening has been a very important topic in Indonesia in recent years, with many studies published. Despite this attention, the Indonesian market have made limited progress.

This joint Oliver Wyman – Mandiri Institute report marks a departure in several ways. The report examines all six components of the financial market ecosystem – issuers, investors, intermediaries, products, infrastructure, and tax and regulatory.  Follow by quantifying the benefits of successful financial deepening, which is estimated at a GDP increase of USD 600 billion by 2030, and a 15% increase in per capita incomes. The report concludes by focusing on execution, and identifying a set of initiatives both for the short and for the long term. 

We also include a specific recommendation on governance structure. The central bank, the regulator and the Ministry of Finance have already initiated moves in this direction. However, a more integrated approach with concrete steps is called for.

We hope that the report provides some useful guidance for the relevant authorities as they embark on a critical reform journey that has the potential to catapult Indonesia to the position of a G7 economy by 2030.

Jason Ekberg – Partner, Corporate and Institutional Banking Practice, Oliver Wyman
Reet Chowdhuri – Principal, Corporate and Institutional Banking Practice, Oliver Wyman
Moekti P.Soejachmoen – Head of Mandiri Institute
Bobby Hermanus – Mandiri Institute Researcher 

Financial Deepening in Indonesia