A New Paradigm for Competition: Clock Speed

Digital disruptors have been a force in business for a decade or more, but their collective impact is now reaching an inflection point.

Even if the business models of digital disruptors don’t dislodge incumbents, they set the narrative, pinch margins and profits, reset consumer expectations, and change the terms of engagement. Eventually, value migrates (as evidenced by Amazon versus Walmart).

Speed, agility, and relentless innovation are at the heart of disruption. To defend against (or attack) digital disruptors, reverse the way you operate and adopt their tactics. Clock speed, in short, is about much more than acceleration—going faster and more efficiently. It’s about a whole cloth reversal of long-accepted organizational fundamentals and adoption of new metrics.

Paul Beswick, Partner, Global Head of Oliver Wyman Labs, on competing at the new pace of business: Clock Speed.

There are six critical levers for incumbents to pull as they look to protect their legacy assets when ramping up their clock speed:

A New Paradigm for Competition: Clock Speed