A Conversation with General Robles

Leadership Corner

Harvey Weinberg, a Partner in Oliver Wyman's Insurance Practice, had the opportunity to sit down with General Josue (Joe) Robles, retired CEO of USAA, to discuss his perspectives on successfully leading the financial services firm through a period of momentous change in an era that redefined the customer experience in the digital marketplace.

In our two-part interview with General Robles, we present video interviews with his Lessons in Leadership and Lessons in Customer Centricity where he imparts key messages from his accomplished career in the financial services sector and 28 years in the military.

This is the first installment of Oliver Wyman’s Leadership Corner, a forum for showcasing inspiring ideas, career insights and lessons-learned from distinguished industry leaders.

Robles’ Rules for Leadership are 11 points that General Robles learned over the years. In the miliatry, it is called, philosophy of command.

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Robles’ Rules for Leadership

  1. Don’t always be on transmit mode; the receive mode is often better.
  2. If you take care of people, they will take care of you.
  3. Communicate, communicate, communicate!
  4. Don’t get too serious…have fun!
  5. Lead by example; be out in front!
  6. When in charge…take charge!
  7. Work smarter, not longer and harder.
  8. Arguing your point is not disrespect…but be smart enough to know when your soapbox has been kicked out from underneath you.
  9. Be flexible, be agile, be ready!
  10. We’re all in this together… work-friendly!
  11. The first report is always wrong!

General Josue Robles Jr.

General Josue (Joe) Robles is the retired president and chief executive officer of USAA, one of America’s leading financial services companies. USAA has been serving military families since 1922, offering its nearly 11 million members a comprehensive range of products and services designed to help them meet their financial needs. Prior to joining USAA in 1994, Joe spent 28 years in the military in a variety of command and staff positions, and was recognized numerous times for service and honor. In 2009, The Christian Science Monitor named Joe the “No. 1 Veteran in Business” and American Banker named him “Innovator of the Year.” In 2011, he received the Horatio Alger Award. Oliver Wyman is pleased that Joe has joined our Senior Advisory Board. 

A Conversation with General Robles

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