Mastering Talent

"Moneyball" Comes to Retail Banking

Despite customers getting increasingly comfortable with digital channels, people remain at the heart of sales and service in retail banking. However, retail banks often favor art over science in their talent management strategies.

We believe the upside opportunity in terms of attracting, developing, and retaining better talent is huge and best of all – this is free money. It is time for a more rigorous approach to talent management: the “Moneyball” approach.

Smart talent management is really no different from good risk management, CRM or any other key process in a bank.  It should start with robust analytics. We have worked with many clients to bring science to talent management. Starting from a clear definition of what “good performance” represents, we have helped improve talent management across multiple retail roles, leveraging analytical models and structured processes. In this paper, Mastering Talent: “Moneyball” Comes to Retail Banking we explain how to leverage this great source of performance uplift.


Ahmet Hacikura – Partner in the Americas Retail & Business Banking Practice
Tim Wyles – Partner and Market Leader Mexico
Vanni Parmeggiani – Principal in the Americas Retail & Business Banking Practice

Mastering Talent