90% of an Iceberg is Underwater

For breakthrough customer experience, start with back-end simplification

The spotlight often shines on companies that offer an intuitive and simple customer experience. Quite often these stars come from the digital world where one can define the customer experience and supporting back-office processes from a blank sheet of paper.

Netflix, Amazon, Uber, to name only a few, have raised the bar and defined consumers’ current expectations of experience. However traditional communications operators and media distributors have a hard time competing with these new players, and eye their success with envy. They know they need to improve their customer experience and simplify their operating model, but often do not know exactly what this means, nor how to do it.

This report addresses the need to focus on structural simplification, and start with the back-end in order to enable the front-end. Doing it right is possible, and the stakes are enormous.

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90% of an Iceberg is Underwater