Intelligent Distribution Volume 1

Making your business more commercially effective

This compendium highlights the most important commercial steps towards becoming an intelligent distributor – where taking a future-looking, scientific approach to wholesale distribution enables you to not only keep up with the competition but break away from them and truly differentiate your business.

Several of the articles have been the direct result of our work with the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors in the US, where we learned that while some companies are showing innovation and capabilities in specific areas, few have developed and implemented best practices across every facet of the business.


Successful price changes can improve margins in a matter of months, but the process is fraught with pitfalls. We see the most impressive results when companies avoid sweeping changes and focus instead on insights and pragmatic actions.

In the chart below, we illustrate how differences in price sensitivity between product categories and customer segments can be used to identify pricing opportunities.

Intelligent Distribution Volume 1

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