Digital Revolution

New customer experiences, new business models, new transformations

In less than a decade, digitalization has gone global, intergenerational, mobile, and collaborative. Our lives are becoming continuously connected through objects (or devices) that connect themselves to the internet and are overflowing with an abundance of information. With no slowdown of these trends in sight, the world is expected to undergo even more dramatic change by 2025.

The US has made huge advances in digitalization, leaving Europe and the rest of the world way behind. Missing the boat this time around has already had far-reaching consequences.

And the implications will be even more serious if these countries fail to anticipate what’s coming next.

Indeed, digitalization is no ordinary transformation: it’s a long and deep gamechanging migration for most businesses - much like electricity in its time. Understanding and anticipating these changes is complex, but nonetheless vital.

This report is available in English and in French.

Digital Revolution

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