Insights into Customer Hassles, Delights & Perceptions

Retail banking spotlight series

Oliver Wyman recently surveyed over a thousand consumers from across the country to gain insight into their overall perception of the largest US banks. In addition to gauging their perceptions across a variety of dimensions, we asked them to assess interactions related to their primary checking account over the last six months across channels and transaction types (e.g. account opening, ATM use, inquiries, problem resolution).

The objective of this multi-part series is to complement common approaches to measuring and managing customer experience with a more detailed understanding of how specific interactions and perceptions influence customer behavior. Based on our proprietary survey results, the series will explore different dimensions of customer experience and perception, differences across customer segments and channels and the implications for banks. A better understanding should allow banks to craft actions that improve performance.

1. Introduction

The survey asked customers to rate a broad set of interactions by their propensity to generate “delights” and “hassles” relative to expectations:

  • Delight: A source of pleasure or satisfaction
  • Hassle: A source of frustration or concern

The first piece in the series explores “hassles” and “delights” and argues that enhancing customer experience can deliver a measurable return on investment. It also explores questions such as: Which interactions do customers find most hassling? How should customer experience be managed in a multi-channel model? Can banks take advantage of negative circumstances to deliver delightful experiences?

Please check back for upcoming articles in the series.

Insights into Customer Hassles, Delights & Perceptions