MultiRail PAX

Integrated passenger rail planning.

MultiRail PAX is an integrated railway planning system designed for use by passenger railways of all sizes, including urban transit, commuter lines and inter-city operations.

MultiRail PAX includes planning tools for all aspects of passenger rail operations management, from maintaining network and track data –  to train equipment, train timetable and crew job planning.  As planners modify and develop train schedules and crew jobs, MultiRail sends immediate feedback based on the simulated impact the changes will have on day-to-day operations.

New features in MultiRail PAX include crew schedule and equipment cycle optimizers.  These modules will provide your organization with the tools to develop crew jobs that cover the train schedules at the lowest cost, and equipment plans that use passenger demand to optimize the deployment of your rolling stock.  MultiRail PAX is designed for multiple simultaneous users, including managing a database of multiple networks and train schedules.

Additionally, MultiRail’s variety of result-analysis tools, with optional exports to external systems, allow all levels of railroad management to efficiently model, measure, and analyze the impact of an operating plan design.  Please download the brochure or contact David Lehlbach at for more information.

MultiRail PAX