Cracking the Organizational Code for Growth

As the year unfolds, the economic outlook is uncertain. With expansion slowing across the growth engine economies, Europe weighed down by debt, and the US turning in lackluster results at best, a mood of pessimism prevails. In this context of widespread economic malaise, many multinationals and other large corporations are finding sustaining a growth trajectory to be a profound challenge. They’re battling value outflow, downward pressure on returns, and anemic share performance.

Yet amidst the general gloom, we see shining examples of growth stars whose efforts are being rewarded with revenue/sales performance many times that of their peers, high value inflow, and strong market capitalization. What winning formula have they invented or stumbled upon? Is their success largely a function of brilliant strategy? Is excellence in execution the magic ingredient? Are they doing a better job than competitors at pulling the right organizational levers to deliver growth?

Starting from this thinking, we have launched an action research project to identify, decode, qualify, and quantify the characteristics of growth companies. The results will be published later in the year. This paper sets out preliminary thinking, based on early research and our three decades of experience.

Project leader: Laurent Thomas, Partner
Marketing manager: Jérémie  Dufoix 

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Cracking the Organizational Code for Growth