Commercial Banking: Competing for Growth in 2012

Earnings growth poses a fundamental challenge across the banking landscape. As North American banks continue to face macroeconomic headwinds and squeezed margins across products, we believe an opportunity-rich battleground still exists in commercial banking, a segment that traditionally has not grown very quickly versus other businesses.

Excluding commercial real estate, core banking in the commercial sector presents relatively low credit loss volatility, favorable returns, and opportunities for regional players to successfully compete with national banks. Winning in this sector is the challenge, as many providers employ similar and longstanding strategies with respect to their offerings, salesforce management, and customer relationships. A diagnostic of current practices and capabilities is the first step to identifying where upgrades are most necessary.

In this Point of View, Commercial Banking: Competing for Growth in 2012, we highlight key capabilities that should serve as a baseline for review of your existing strategy in commercial banking and share examples of leading-edge practices that have helped institutions achieve revenue growth and greater customer profitability.    

Commercial Banking: Competing for Growth in 2012