The Quiet Health-Care Revolution

The Atlantic (2011)

In “The Quiet Health-Care Revolution” published in the November 2011 edition of The Atlantic, Tom Main and Adrian Slywotzky profile CareMore, a company (recently acquired by WellPoint) that serves elderly patients.

The article examines how CareMore discovered how to provide better care at dramatically lower cost often with simple but profoundly effective methods, such as wireless scales, free transportation, regular toenail trimmings, and doctors who put the patient first.

The CareMore story is compelling in its own right but is also an important example of the private sector leading a healthcare revolution from volume to value. In the article Main and Slywotzky make the case that not only is the private sector the key to shifting the cost and quality of healthcare for the better, but that innovative new approaches are already in operation and producing breathtaking results.


The Quiet Health-Care Revolution