Creating Demand: The Secrets of Truly Magnetic Offers

There are some companies that seem to defy sluggish economic conditions, generating fierce customer loyalty and double-digit growth as their competitors limp along. They make the e-reader that delights consumers after others have been tried and discarded; they provide the auto rental service that even car-shunning urbanites find irresistibly convenient; they offer health care that patients rave about – at lower cost.

How do these companies expand while others stagnate? Why do some products and services suddenly catch a wave of growth, while similar ones – even those with “first-mover advantage” – languish?

These are the questions at the heart of demand creation, a powerful but highly unpredictable strategic lever that requires innovation, customer interaction, rigorous analytics, and constant refinement.

Click below to read an interview on demand creation with Oliver Wyman Senior Partner Adrian Slywotzky.

Creating Demand: The Secrets of Truly Magnetic Offers