Auto & Environment 2007

Study on Customer Expectations as an Opportunity for the Auto Makers

Consumers in Europe and the United States intend to react to the climate change debate by purchasing more environmentally friendly cars. This trend has affected their purchasing criteria for new cars.

For the first time ever, environmental compatibility has risen to fifth place, behind reliability, safety, price/ performance ratio and total cost of ownership. But very few consumers believe they are knowledgeable enough to judge whether a given automobile is environmentally compatible. Accordingly, about three quarters of European consumers would like to see an “eco-seal” for cars. These are some of the findings of the Oliver Wyman study “Auto & Environment 2007: Customer Expectations as an Opportunity for the Auto Makers.” As part of the study, 3,600 consumers in the European Union and the United States of America participated in a survey. At the present time, consumers perceive Japanese and French brands as being especially environmentally friendly. But the German car manufacturers are catching up. According to the European consumers surveyed, German auto makers will produce the most environmentally friendly cars in ten years. To fulfill these expectations, the German car makers need to apply the same rigorous and sustained commitment to environmental compatibility as they have in the past to safety and quality.

Auto & Environment 2007