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What We Do

Oliver Wyman has global expertise and experience in delivering public sector excellence. This work is spread over five key topics. Each of these topics is highly relevant for public sector institutions globally, with a wealth of underlying capabilities and toolkits supporting the delivery of high-impact work.

Institutional governance
Improving mechanisms driving government structuring, program delivery, bilateral and multilateral engagement, crisis response, budgeting, and key policy topics
Government digital models
Digitization of public sector entities, leveraging automation and digital productivity tools. Supporting digital transformations, including data and technology strategy
Government transformation
Supporting holistic organizational changes taking into account culture, leadership, talent, and behaviour transformation, as well as cost and efficiency, to create better civil workforces for the future
Risk and crisis management
Developing and designing comprehensive risk management frameworks at national and local levels. Improving risk identification together with planning and operational capabilities to ensure adaptable crisis management at all times
Policy excellence and decision enablement
Enhancing policy impact analysis with data modeling, and introducing advanced levers for policy design and delivery, including behavioural science, social media engagement, and data analytics

Who We Are