Dominik Weh

Partner - Finance & Risk/Public Sector & Policy

Based in Frankfurt, Dominik works with major financial and banking institutions, European central banks and supervisors as well as other public institutions in optimizing their organizations, governance, financial resource management and risk management. In 2011, he spent a year with the World Economic Forum as a secondee in Geneva and in New York, an experience that he found to be a turning point in his personal development and thinking. There he led a project on benefits and risks of financial innovations in the aftermath of the financial crisis, resulting in the report: “Rethinking Financial Innovation: Reducing negative outcomes, while retaining the benefits.”

The secondment experience at the WEF was a unique and transformative experience, giving me an opportunity to work alongside practitioners, supervisors and academics in developing ideas.

In 2014, he assisted in the creation of the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM), the first pillar of the European banking union aimed at restoring confidence in Europe’s banks, which had been shattered in the wake of the financial crisis. He participated in the European Central Bank’s Comprehensive Assessment 2014, a financial health check conducted between November 2013 and October 2014 of 130 banks in the euro area, covering approximately 82 percent of total bank assets. “It was unique to be there when the SSM was launched and Europe wrote history in its approach to integrate banking in the Eurozone.“

Since 2016, Dominik has focused mainly on challenges arising as digitization and other macro trends reshape the financial services Industry.  “My role in working with clients is to help them transform their organizations,“ says Dominik.  “That means working with them in thinking through strategic priorities and developing stakeholder engagement strategies.“ 

When not helping clients, he enjoys music.  “I play the cello—not professionally, although I did entertain that ambition when I was younger. I’ve stuck to it ever since I was a youngster.“