Emilio El Asmar
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Based in Dubai, Emilio is a partner in our Government and Public Institutions Practice.

He has more than 10 years of extensive experience helping clients tackle complex challenges and drive transformational change. His specialization lies in strategic planning and process design for large-scale governmental programs, R&D improvement, and innovation ecosystem development.

Specifically, Emilio managed the Public Private Labs to identify tangible opportunities and detailed initiatives for collaboration between public and private sectors. He has also managed the “Future of Mobility” innovation lab for a leading regulatory agency in Dubai.

The main challenge is to continue the economic growth trajectory, successfully diversifying the economy and developing the required industrial and knowledge economies of the future

Unafraid to challenge the status quo, Emilio is sought after for his problem solving skills, strategic insights and innovative approaches rooted in his analytical thinking. He is adept at identifying critical issues, assessing risks, and developing comprehensive strategies that drive long-term success while building strong and close relationships.

A wildlife enthusiast, Emilio enjoys spending his free time observing and interacting with all kinds of animals. Some interactions, however, have proven to be more challenging than others. He learned this after attempting to take a close-up photograph of a cheetah while on safari.