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What We Do

We work closely with our clients' leadership teams, and their broader organizations, to drive speed, accountability, control, and high-quality outcomes. We help identify and solve the most complex and value additive aspects of the deal, be it how to capture revenue synergies, take costs out of the combined organizations without “breaking the business”, defining go-forward ways of working, and ultimately ensuring the differentiating capabilities that drive sustained value persist over time. These are often history defining moments where a tailored approach supported by a deep bench of industry and deal-driven experience is critical for success. 

Post-Merger Integration
We advise CEOs and senior leadership, and work hand-in-hand with workstream teams to drive results and deliver on the deal value proposition. Our deep industry knowledge and collaborative approach allows us to uncover key value levers and accelerate impact.
Carve out and Separations
We support clients in the divestment of assets and ensure that they get the best value while keeping the rest of their portfolio active. Our team will stand by your side through strategy, operating model redesign, removal of stranded costs, and transition management.
Sale or Public listing
We guide our clients through the complexity of the IPO or SPACS process. We use our expertise to de-risk critical elements of the process, and allow key personnel to focus on business growth.
The next stage of growth

In today’s market, many of our clients are confronting macro-economic trends by exploring inorganic growth strategies. Unfortunately, most of these transactions do not achieve their targeted impact. Around 70-90% of deals fail to meet expectations, citing challenges ranging from inflated expectations to poor pre-deal planning, post-deal execution and inadequate attention to cultural dynamics and change management. 

So, what does it take for a transaction to create value? How can you turn the deal rationale into realized potential and drive long-term performance? 

Sealing the deal is a pivotal moment, but it is just the start of a complex journey.  

Whether you’re contemplating a merger, acquisition, carving out a business unit, or readying yourself for sale or public listing, our Deal-Driven Transformation team can help. From pre-deal diligence, to deal execution, implementation and value creation and capture – we leverage our deep industry knowledge, proven methodologies, and approaches to create a tailored plan to capture value from the deal, accelerate results, minimize risks, and drive sustained impact. We advise and collaborate with our clients in high-stakes, complex situations where some form of underlying structural change – such as through a merger or divestiture – presents the opportunity for strategic and financial value capture. 

As industry experts and experienced transformation coaches, we support our clients through every stage of a merger or a divestiture. A deal-driven transformation is often a full-speed affair, with more twists and turns than an icy Alpine bobsleigh run. We guide our clients to not just cross the finish line but to actually medal: to truly capture the strategic and financial value of the deal
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Ensuring Carve-Out Operational And Investment Readiness

Oliver Wyman played a pivotal role in helping a leading US insurance firm accelerate and de-risk the operationalization of a multibillion-dollar asset transfer to a third-party investment manager. The client asked Oliver Wyman to evaluate strategic options and execute critical day-to-day carve-out activities. Leveraging our extensive expertise in carve-outs and divestment advisory, we accelerated operational and investment readiness across front, middle, and back office. This landmark transaction, enabled by our deep insurance and operational separation/transformation expertise, led to the development of a tailored newco operating model and successful initial public offering (IPO).

Establishing An Independently Operating Standalone Company

Oliver Wyman demonstrated its strong transformation capabilities by providing support to a Germany-based global chemicals firm looking to carve out one of its key businesses. Over this 18-month engagement, we supported the target operating model design and executed various separation workstreams, successfully delivering an independently operating standalone company. Through our expertise in carve-out planning, separation management, and pre-acquisition strategy, we facilitated the seamless separation while allowing business operations to run a full capacity.

Enhancing Market Position Through Post-Merger Synergies

Oliver Wyman showcased its expertise in pre-deal and post-deal integration support by leading the merger of two private equity owned prepaid card companies. By optimizing strategic payments vendors and employing our M&A post-merger integration framework, we played a crucial role in driving approximately 50% of the overall merger's synergies. This enabled the merged companies to realize additional efficiencies and enhance their market position.

Enabling Seamless Post-Merger Integration In Insurance

Oliver Wyman provided comprehensive strategic, execution, and analytics support for a large global post-merger integration in the insurance industry. Our capabilities encompassed post-merger integration strategy, integration support, and legal go-live readiness, allowing us to track synergies, facilitate talent selection, manage change, and seamlessly integrate legal entities. By leveraging the years of experience of our industry veterans and merger and acquisition experts, we ensured the success of this high-profile merger.

Ensuring Efficient Operations To Maximize Business Value

Oliver Wyman demonstrated its proficiency in post-merger integrations and synergy actualization by successfully supporting the technical operations integration resulting from the merger of two airlines. Through process harmonization and optimization, program management and assurance, and data migration and analytics, we facilitated a smooth transition. Our expertise in integration management and the aviation industry ensured efficient operations and maximized the value derived from the merger.

Guiding A Successful SPAC IPO Transition

Oliver Wyman showcased its capabilities in initial public offering (IPO) readiness services and strategic transformation by assisting a high-growth consumer mobility-focused technology company in going public via a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). We led a comprehensive transformation encompassing governance, leadership/people, process, financial management, technology, compliance, and risk management. With our expertise in IPO readiness assessment and full-cycle IPO planning, we guided the company through a successful transition, enabling it to operate seamlessly as a publicly traded entity.

Strategizing Growth Through Due Diligence And Integration Planning

Oliver Wyman supported a national health system in designing growth and diversification strategies, including identifying target organizations for acquisitions. We led the due diligence and integration planning efforts for one of the acquired entities.

Successfully Merging Two Last Mile Delivery Companies

Oliver Wyman supported the post-merger integration program of two similarly sized last-mile parcel delivery companies. The rationale was to challenge longer-haul industry integrators and expand into a transcontinental and high-growth market. Interoperability and profitability required careful planning and execution to retain the best of each company while integrating infrastructure and operations to support growth plans. We advised on organizational integration, customer service and operations strategy, and commercial operating model. We also supported downstream work such as business performance improvement and restructuring of specific corporate functions.

Driving Integration Synergies of two US telehealth companies

Oliver Wyman supported two telemedicine giants in integrating their strategy, operations, and support functions after a recent merger by standing up their Integration Management Office (IMO) and driving execution of key workstreams in OpEx and revenue synergy realization, product development and commercial operations. Leveraging our past integration experience, we assured the delivery of $60 million in OpEx synergies and provided a clear revenue realization plan for an additional $100 million in savings over the next two years.


Who We Are

Our team is led by a fully invested and credentialed leadership team that has supported some of the world's largest and most complex deal-driven transformations. Our mission is to act as a trusted partner through every stage within your deal journey, tackling the complexity and intricacies together. With our unparalleled depth of industry expertise and track record of successfully executing deal-driven transformations, we will ensure impact is realized.