Revenue Solution

Commercial Dashboards And Forecasting

ContextHaving access to the right information to make the right decisions is top-of-mind for many executives, with CEOs and CFOs expressing that they have insufficient information to predict and drive their business. Largely driven by uncoordinated reporting approaches, fragmented IT systems and insufficient governance, many decision makers have a poor understanding of their current customer base, customer links across different business areas and overall performance metrics. Oliver Wyman has done extensive work to help businesses take control of reporting, bring visibility to key KPIs and increase performance forecasting accuracy.

Revenue SolutionOur package enables clients to make sense of their historical data and accurately forecast future performance. We work with clients to define a set of clear KPIs and aggregate these metrics from across client systems to a single source of truth for company performance. Our series of reporting dashboards then allows users to visualize commercial and operational indicators and understand customer segments. The forecasting tool, enabled by the newly organized data store, can help users make decisions with significantly greater accuracy across topics like price adjustments or churn reduction.
ImpactUsers demonstrate an increase in forecasting accuracy of 88%, then enabling them to harness their information to drive growth.