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Frédéric Thomas-Dupuis
Partner and Head of Retail and Consumer Goods, Americas
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Frederic has been with Oliver Wyman since 2004 and specializes in Retail and Consumer Goods. His work is focused on large-scale transformations and value creation both of which are often supported by deploying advanced decision support tools and analytics.

Frederic raises the bar in terms of his clients' expectations, as he believes it's important to work alongside the organization to build stronger capabilities. He knows success happens when people pull together to achieve a mutual goal.

In my early 20s, I produced a full-length feature film. The film was shot on a shoe-string budget, so our cast and crew of 50+ were working for free. This taught me about managing complex projects, but more importantly it taught me that a lot can be achieved with a team that has a common dream and a shared vision

Trust and confidence in a working relationship are key for Frederic. He knows that the most successful transformations occur when people have confidence in the work and trust in the people. Frederic leverages his experience across corporate strategy, merchandising, operations to inspire these values in his clients and to encourage trust and confidence to grow and flourish within the whole organization.

One moment that mattered for me was a client including me in a highly confidential process that was squarely outside our scope: there was clear trust and a high degree of confidence that we would add substantial value to their internal confidential initiative

Frederic is fluent in French and English and has led major transformations of retail companies in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and France.