Factiva Sentiment Signals Powered By Oliver Wyman

How Factiva Sentiment Signals Works

Credit risk officers and investment managers are bombarded with information every second, and keeping up with news on current and potential clients can be challenging. Having the capacity to process all the relevant information using traditional methods is a cross-industry issue faced by all executives. This is where Factiva Sentiment Signals can offer support.

Our product combines Oliver Wyman’s expertise in credit risk modelling and artificial intelligence, together with Dow Jones Factiva’s unrivaled selection of global news and data sources to bring you an accurate score on more than 300,000 entities globally to ensure you never miss a signal. It incorporates decades of risk management and credit analytics expertise combined with the latest advances in Large Language Models (LLMs) and Dow Jones Factiva’s real-time news assets.

Early warning system
Providing a unique early warning system that can predict significant risk events with a lead time of three to six months, enabling teams to take action, reduce losses, and improve the performance of investment portfolios.
Score explanations
Offering transparent score explanations that show teams where to focus their attention on investigating priority companies.
Web interface
Delivering a user-friendly web interface that ensures quick onboarding with zero development effort, or an API for seamless integration into existing early warning pipelines.

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