Social Impact

Revolutionizing Family Health Support In Germany

Social enterprise, wellcome gGmbH, is revolutionizing family health in Germany, and empowering parents to raise healthy children in a loving environment

Wellcome gGmbH is a social enterprise that focuses on family health, starting from birth. It is structured as a franchise organization and has teams in more that 230 locations in 14 German federal states and individual locations in Austria and Switzerland. Wellcome gGmbH supports, advises, and connects parents to help empower them to raise healthy children in a loving environment.

We have been supporting wellcome gGmbH since 2019, when we developed a strategy for the expansion of corporate cooperation and the monetization of its services. We also helped with the planning of concrete implementation measures. 

Oliver Wyman was able to quickly empathize with our processes and ways of working and accompanied us efficiently. We particularly appreciated the combination of competence and empathy for the specific challenges of the non-profit sector
Rose Volz-Schmidt, founder and managing director, wellcome gGmbH

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic — which occurred shortly after our last project for wellcome gGmbH — led to an increase in the burden on families and required a rapid restructuring of care for children. Due to this, the demand for online counseling through wellcome gGmbH increased by 40%. It’s online platform,, has more than one million visitors per year but given the sudden and enormous pressures, the social enterprise had to restructure its methods and develop new working models.

Today, a whole section of the organization works remotely, while another section works hybrid, and teams are spread all over the country. The considerable growth and the new framework conditions confront wellcome gGmbH with challenges that must be tackled with a view to sustainable, future development.

It was fascinating to return to wellcome gGmbH after four years and to see the progress and developments achieved by implementing the measures of Oliver Wyman’s last project. The cooperation with the team was once again excellent
Kai Prestinari, Partner, Oliver Wyman

We worked on a new social impact project in 2023 to support wellcome gGmbH in a six-week project to develop a strategy and implementation plan for a sustainable transformation. In the first phase of the project, the team analyzed the status quo with Rose Volz-Schmidt, founder and managing director, through several workshops and interviews designed to identify areas for development. 

The cooperation between the different departments in the company was examined more closely. In the second phase, the team created various option areas, which were then defined in workshops as concrete measures and goals. In a final workshop, the wellcome gGmbH team prioritized the identified measures together with the Oliver Wyman team and compiled a detailed implementation plan. In the coming months, wellcome gGmbH will work to develop and further enhance the cooperation models, which will connect the company’s divisions more strongly and allow them to grow in the long term.

It is a special matter to support wellcome in achieving the greatest possible impact for families and children. It is more important than ever to focus on families and their needs in order to provide them with a secure environment
Stefan Wojahn, Partner, Oliver Wyman