Smart School Anywhere

Transforming learning through digital literacy for children in rural Cambodia

With a school dropout rate of 1 in 5 children, PeopleStories aims to transform lives through greater access to education with the communities in need. Its purpose is to empower children to ultimately break their cycle of poverty. Established in 2017, the charity now works with 10 government schools in rural Cambodia supporting approximately 3,000 students and teachers through scholarships, building school facilities, and running literacy and sports education programs.

Working with the PeopleStories team has been an extremely inspiring and humbling experience – the passion and grit to transform the life of these students is something I take away from our time together
Rui Wang, Senior Consultant, Singapore


Oliver Wyman supported the strategic decisioning and development of 'Smart School Anywhere', a new digital education program by PeopleStories that aims to provide greater access to digital learning for rural students and those who lack regular education access, especially exacerbated by school closures stemming from the pandemic. Oliver Wyman worked with PeopleStories to understand gaps in learning and how they can be filled with a supplemental digital learning platform or existing market tools, and the associated needs to implement them in the community. We also offered feasible suggestions for strategies that communities and schools can use to meet and increase funding needs.  

Through our work with PeopleStories, I feel that Oliver Wyman has played a key role in driving an actual change – disrupting the legacy way of formal education delivery and potentially changing the life of thousands of students in one of the most underserved community in South-East Asia
Kevin Emeraldi, Associate, Jakarta


As a result of the work developing ‘Smart School Everywhere’ with Oliver Wyman, PeopleStories now has a clear and sustainable path forward to enable comprehensive decision-making around strategic issues, with a clearly defined plans and timelines. PeopleStories now has the vision, capability, and the tenacity to pilot, rollout, and scale the program – allowing students to enjoy an elevated level of education access and quality. In the long term, we hope the improved access to education will offer the children in rural Cambodia more opportunity to pursue their dreams through increased employment options. 

What really excites me is how scalable such a digital solution potentially is, how it can fundamentally change the way children learn, and how directly and quick the impact can be
Victoria Miloschewsky, Founder of PeopleStories Charity
It was a really enriching experience supporting PeopleStories and a superb chance for us to apply our skills and expertise in furthering the impact that the organization can achieve. We will all be following closely and cheering PeopleStories' progress
Dan Jones, Partner