Nonprofit Fellowships

Reimagining Peru's Education Sector

Gabriel Corrochano spent four months in Lima, Peru at VIVA Vive Valores working on projects to change their education system

VIVA Vive Valores offers a unique methodology to foster social and emotional learning in youth and adolescents through inside and outside the classroom educational programs. VIVA's largest program, Escuelas VIVA, incites education ministers, school directors, and teachers to reshape the educational system through adoption of its core programs. Beyond the classroom VIVA has piloted programs that target volunteers and at-risk youth and adolescents (as well parents) to broaden its impact across the educational community. At the core of all its programs is an emphasis on respect and empathy in homes, schools, and the wider community as a necessity to create meaningful change. 

I was a consultant at VIVA as part of my Nonprofit Fellowship from August through November 2019 in Lima, Peru during a critical time for the organization. VIVA was starting a transition from being implementers of their programs to content providers through a social franchise model, operating through a knowledge platform available to its partners at a national-level. My role was to work with the CEO and the NGO’s executive board to design a 3-year strategic plan that would allow them to make the transition and grow exponentially under the new model. In addition, I was given other responsibilities to further their immediate objectives, including:

  • Creating a business development proposal to encite one of the largest corporations in the country to partner with VIVA

  • Supporting coordination one of VIVA’s core programs, Acción VIVA, which fosters social and emotional skills in youth and adolescents through outside-the-classroom educational programs

My work at VIVA required adapting my consulting skill set to an unfamiliar environment, including challenging my Spanish language skills with business vocabulary and learning the meeting customs in Lima. I took on greater responsibilities and worked directly with VIVA’s executive council of a dozen community leaders, including CEOs of some of Peru's most successful enterprises, legal and business consultants, and representatives of the educational community. This felt more like a start-up positioning itself to re-imagine the entire education sector than what you’d traditionally think of as a nonprofit organization. 

Overall the experience exceeded my expectations, allowing me to form lasting relationships with my coworkers, fellow volunteers, and friends outside the organization. I was able to explore Peru like never before through surfing, paragliding, and a trip to Machu Picchu. Months later, I remain an ambassador for the NGO and Oliver Wyman’s NPF program, and would recommend it to any consultant looking to break ground with a new experience.