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What We Do

We understand what it takes to win in Retail and CPG: an obsession with serving the customer, constant dedication to better execution, and a relentless drive to improve capabilities. Clients tell us that our hands-on approach to making change happen is truly unique – and the reason they choose to work with us again and again.


Our philosophy is simple – produce results, not reports.

We have a multi-decade track record of helping clients develop and execute programs that drive demonstrable and sustained impact. We deliver significant improvements in our clients' sales growth and profitability – often in situations where the business model requires rejuvenation or reinvention. Our approach combines deep industry knowledge, state-of-the-art analytics, and the proven ability to achieve lasting change fast. Clients choose us because they know from experience that the results will be there.



We know that retail is a tough business, and it is getting tougher. A combination of the disruptive new formats and consumers under economic pressure means that the gap between winning retailers and losing retailers is growing. We work with our clients to navigate to growth and fund that growth with efficiency. We go beyond changing the client at a moment in time to jointly building capabilities that will stand the test of time. And we achieve these goals based on a deep understanding of both the ‘science’ and the ‘art’ of great retailers.


We know the consumer products industry is facing challenges created by shifting consumption behaviors, demographics, digital technology, emerging markets, and industry consolidation – just to name a few. Capturing organic and profitable growth under these circumstances requires a shift in company focus and new capabilities. Our Retail and Consumer Goods Practice helps our clients identify the under-exploited sources of profitable growth, work with them to realize such opportunities and build capability for the future.


We understand the unique challenges you face in the distribution and wholesale industry. You need winning operations and sourcing at the back end plus highly customer-focused and tailored commercial behavior at the front. We draw on unrivaled customer and strategic insights, state-of-the-art analytical techniques, and our unique commercial decision-support software platforms to help our clients succeed. Over the last 25 years, we helped clients win in this environment by creating a real competitive advantage and driving significant growth.

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