Employee volunteering and fundraising efforts, pro bono social impact consulting projects, and nonprofit fellowships — these are the elements of Oliver Wyman for Society, a core part of the firm’s culture. We focus our programs on a singular mission: to make a significant, meaningful impact on society.

Oliver Wyman has long been focused on how we can support not only our clients, and their industries, but also the societies we operate within. One thing we can do is to commit our resources, skills, and expertise where they are needed most
Nick Studer, CEO and President, Oliver Wyman
The team worked in a highly collaborative way with our leaders. They supported and challenged our thinking to co-create a new global strategy focused on all women for the next phase of our global expansion
Ann Cairns, CEO, 30% Club

Oliver Wyman For Society Annual Magazine

This collection of stories reveals the social impact of our global teams in 2023. From pro bono work to community building, they effect positive change. 

The program

In the following pages we highlight some of our work, its impact, and alignment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Social Impact

Oliver Wyman offers our capabilities and capacity to organizations whose work improves communities and lives around the world. We prioritize projects that support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Oliver Wyman employees serve and strengthen local communities by volunteering and fundraising, mentoring to nonprofit organizations, and through sustainability efforts.

Nonprofit Fellowships

We provide consultants with the opportunity to take leave and put business skills to work at nonprofit organizations around the globe.

spotlights on impact

Singapore consultant Fay moved to Bhutan for six months through Oliver Wyman for Society’s Nonprofit Fellowship program. There she is working to support Tarayana Microfinance’s mission of poverty alleviation. Through the provision of agro-based business-in-a-box and microenterprise expansion loans, people in remote and vulnerable rural communities have the tools that will enable them to become successful micro-entrepreneurs.

As the son of immigrants, San Francisco Community Lead, Eugen Xie understands how challenging it can be navigating college readiness and success. He currently volunteers with a Bay Area-based nonprofit organization, 10,000 Degrees, where he mentors students, assists with fundraising, and has a position on the organization’s Young Professionals Council. His passion for educational equity supports the mission of 10,000 Degrees to empower students from low-income backgrounds throughout their college journey.

An active member of the Community Committee in London, Marissa enjoys volunteering with Magic Breakfast, who work hard to ensure that no child is too hungry to learn by delivering healthy breakfasts to feed children in need. They also offer expert support to identify and reach those pupils at risk of hunger. This work was especially important in the face of school closures due to COVID-19.


What is the purpose of Oliver Wyman for Society?

The mission of Oliver Wyman for Society is to offer our colleagues opportunities to make a significant, meaningful impact on society. The program is strongly aligned with Oliver Wyman’s core purpose and values and is a foundational element of the company’s culture.

Who at Oliver Wyman can get involved?

The program is inclusive of all colleagues. Options include traditional volunteering activities, managing charity auctions, providing pro-bono support on social impact projects, or through nonprofit fellowships. We also team with Employee Resource Groups to support their initiatives, and we love to celebrate and learn about the passion of our volunteers through our “Spotlight on Impact” feature.

How do we choose what to support?

Oliver Wyman for Society is a globally guided program that is committed to aligning our experience and expertise with organizations and causes that support our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. While we believe this will enable us to make a more significant impact, we also offer flexibility so that offices can respond to the needs of their local community.

What do you enjoy most about leading this program?

I feel extremely fortunate to lead a program that seeks out opportunities to positively impact society. I am an optimist at heart and do believe that achieving our mission is within our grasp. I am guided by the famous quote from American anthropologist, Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

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