Supporting a community garden

GrowNYC’s mission is to improve the city’s quality of life through environmental programs on a broad range of topics including food access and agriculture, and conservation and green spaces. The nonprofit aims to transform communities block by block and empower all New Yorkers to secure a clean and healthy environment for future generations. Created in 1970 and now the largest and most established environmental organization in NYC, GrowNYC has played a pivotal role in helping New York City transform over the past five decades. Today 3 million New Yorkers each year participate in the organization’s programs.

A group of 40 employees from Oliver Wyman volunteered with us in mid-November 2021, transforming a Brooklyn community garden. The OW staff were thoughtful and hardworking while cutting wood, drilling together wooden benches, and planting bulbs
Mike Rezny, Non-profit, GrowNYC, Assistant Director – Green Space

Members of Oliver Wyman’s New York office joined the GrowNYC team at McCarren Park in Brooklyn for one of their many community gardening projects. In addition to planting, building, and painting, colleagues of the New York office were grateful for the opportunity to get together outside, re-energize, and bond, while contributing to the NY community. 

It was a blast from the past, reminding me of all the great volunteer events I joined when I was a new consultant - a great mix of giving back and having fun
Dylan Walsh, Partner, Financial Services Americas
It’s been such a busy year for everyone. Our goal was to get people outside, giving back, and meeting one another in a setting completely removed from the workplace. The volunteering was a lot of fun and people stayed behind for a good while at the social we hosted afterwards!
Gina Ah-Fenne , New York Office Mental Health & Wellness Committee Lead
Volunteering with GrowNYC was rewarding and so much fun-- building benches, painting, and gardening were very tangible ways in which we were able to contribute back to the community. I'm already looking forward to future volunteering events!
Grace Hwang , Consultant