Creating Intersectional Diversity At Board Level


The 30% Club is a global campaign led by Chairs and CEOs to increase gender diversity at board and senior management levels. Globally, it is one of the best-known brands and arguably one of the most effective in driving inclusion and diversity focused on gender. To date, the campaign has had success driving change from the top down by engaging with governments and investor groups, being a voice of women in business, and developing a global footprint.

The team worked in a highly collaborative way with our leaders. They supported and challenged our thinking to co-create a new global strategy focused on all women for the next phase of our global expansion
Ann Cairns, CEO, 30% Club


In several countries around the world where the 30% Club operated, businesses were starting to meet and exceed the goal of at least 30% female representation on major boards. The organisation needed to pivot to deliver its new, ambitious targets of ensuring that the women serving on boards were themselves a more diverse group. Additionally, the 30% Club had grown organically and bottom-up, and now needed clearer direction, greater oversight, and better coordination among its 15 chapters globally.

Over an eight-week period, we engaged with over 25 of the campaign’s leading members to collaboratively develop a clear global mission and strategy to result in strong chapter buy-in.

I was delighted to be working with influential people who have the ability to drive tangible change around women in leadership
Philippa Chambers , Consultant


The goal of the work was to ensure that the 30% Club accomplished their mission of better representation of all types of women on boards, from all backgrounds. The new strategy we helped develop acknowledges the intersectional issues at play and drives greater inclusion and diversity.

The output was a simple and unifying theory of change for the 30% Club. This approach was globally consistent with a common language and strategy, but locally applicable. We collaborated with leaders to build tools to support and operationalize the new work, for example scaling local successes and driving sustained improvement. Additionally, we helped put in place global governance that improved decision making and increased visibility, collaboration, and coordination.

Rupal Kantaria, an Oliver Wyman Forum Partner based in London, is continuing our involvement with the campaign as a Strategy Advisor on both their Global and UK boards.