European Healthcare Investment During COVID-19

As we emerge from the initial systemic shock that COVID-19 has had across the globe, healthcare has proven economically resilient relative to other sectors. The crisis has however fundamentally changed the short- and medium-term future healthcare landscape – impacting both the healthcare provider and life sciences industries.

This provides a timely opportunity for private equity investors to reassess their view on the healthcare sector overall, to develop hypothesis-driven investment themes, and to identify attractive investment targets that will benefit in the coming years.

In this document, Oliver Wyman summarizes six drivers of change that we see in European healthcare – three that the coronavirus crisis has specifically raised, and three more which were existing trends that the virus will accelerate.

For each driver, we provide our read on the implications for both the life sciences and provider sub-sectors and highlight potential investable themes for Private Equity funds to consider in the healthcare sector.

COVID-19: European Healthcare Investment Themes