Research Report


Creating sustainable value in a pinch

Oliver Wyman’s Rapid EBITDA platform offers clients a powerful turnkey solution for organizations across industries to quickly generate financial benefits. We find that our approach can be a seamless fit for Private Equity funds as it delivers significant valuation uplifts, even in short holding periods.

Our team takes a hands-on approach, working side-by-side with the client team, focusing on impact compared to traditional large-scale transformation programs. The short project timeframe offers an attractive return on investment by reducing investment while also improving return on investment.

The Rapid EBITDA full-spectrum approach covers all relevant top-line and bottom-line areas. Depending on the industry and company, we find that opportunities typically exist in a subset of different levers that each ultimately reduces overhead costs. Additionally, our engagements can improve efficiency with the following levers:

  • Sourcing optimization: commercial cost reductions for purchased components and raw materials
  • Product development: reduction of engineered product costs through design optimization and portfolio streamlining
  • Manufacturing and footprint: manufacturing process efficiency improvements and global footprint redesign
  • Supply chain and logistics: optimization of freight flows, distribution modes, and carrier networks
  • Sales and marketing: commercial effectiveness, channel alignment, and pricing optimization

Our latest research report shows how organizations can quickly generate financial benefits.