Ensuring An Equitable Energy Transition

Episode 4 | Speakers: Lawrence Jones and Andrew Perry

What is nessecary to close the capital gap facing the industry to ensure an euquitable energy transition?

Welcome to the final episode of a new four-part series with Lawrence Jones, Vice President of International Programs at the Edison Electric Institute, and Andrew Perry, a principal in Oliver Wyman's Energy Practice. This series will explore infrastructure, access to capital, the role of technology, and market implications - and specifically, how these factors play in to the future of the energy transition.

There's a recalibration on how risk return trade off is made, how forecasting is done and a greater acceptance from investors that they will expect to have to adapt their commercial model.
Andrew Perry Oliver Wyman

In the past couple of months there have been some interesting fluctuations in wholesale power prices due to a combination of changing generator availability, low demand, and high renewables penetration.


This final episode of the energy transition podcast series with Lawrence and Andy will explore how ensuring an equitable energy transition not only depends on well-designed policy regulation, but also investment and access to capital.  

Disruption is not always bad, but if you are not prepared for it - it could be worse. As we look at this energy transition, we expect certain disruption to occur along the entire value chain. Lets be prepared and take actions to be successful.
Lawrence Jones Edison Electric Institute