COVID-19: Responses & Implications To Healthcare In Asia

This article was first published on April 3, 2020. 

Editor's note: Oliver Wyman is monitoring the COVID-19 events in real time, and we have compiled resources to help our clients and the industries they serve. Please continue to monitor the Responding To Coronavirus Hub for updates.

Of all the industries, COVID-19 hit healthcare first and hit it hard, both public and private across the globe. In this document, Oliver Wyman summarizes the journey to date in Asia and how leaders have and continue to combat this epidemic. We also take a pulse read of the short and expected long-term implications we have seen and heard, across providers, payers, life sciences, government and digital. Besides the immediate impact and scenario planning in the short term, it is also important to start thinking through the longer term implications for healthcare in a ‘post COVID-19’ world. COVID-19 will leave an indelible mark to the sector – organizations can start thinking about how they can accelerate recovery and capture opportunities such as the acceleration of digital health, new operating models, and risk management frameworks.

COVID-19: Responses & Implications To Healthcare In Asia