Delivering The Workforce For The Future

Digital technology is disrupting entire industries and changing the way companies do business across all stages of the value chain: how they develop, market, produce, sell, and deliver products and services. Interactions and ways of working within organizations are being transformed, as are the ways they build, manage, and maintain relationships with customers. 

The rate and scale of change is increasing, with advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning impacting work in profound ways

As companies transform their business models and strategies to realize the opportunities of the digital revolution, they are challenged with defining their workforce of the future. Three interrelated dimensions must be identified for the future workforce:

  1. What skills are required?
  2. What size of workforce is needed?
  3. What shape should it take?
For many companies, the path toward this future will require a fundamental transformation in the way they think about strategy, business models, HR, and their most critical resource — their staff

This report shares our point of view relating to skills, size, and shape, and provides an outline to guide business leaders as they progress from envisioning to delivering their future workforce.

Delivering The Workforce For The Future