Beware The Dragon: Expert Views On Risks And Opportunities In China

This compendium collates knowledge and expertise from the world’s leading experts to provide practical and timely insights on the various risks and opportunities associated with China’s accelerated economic growth.

The compendium features broad themes like:

  • A China hard landing would have a profound effect on the global economy, which will undoubtedly challenge investor sentiment, sparking major shifts in exchange rates, interest rates, and an array of other asset prices.
  • The One Belt, One Road is strongly influencing the flow of Chinese outbound investment, creating significant opportunities for Chinese state-owned enterprises. However, OBOR entails not just great opportunities, but considerable challenges in politics, security, and the economy for these Chinese companies.
  • China’s older population – those over age 65 – will likely swell to 330 million by 2050, nearly three times as many as today. The pension systems in China and other ageing-nations can only keep delivering if they are adjusted for the realities of longevity.

China continues to battle massive capital flight problem; Chinese residents have been driving capital outflows for years, and since early 2016, the direct investment of Chinese companies abroad surpassed foreign direct investments in China.

Beware The Dragon: Expert Views On Risks And Opportunities In China