Mobilize Your Tweener Army

As computers get more and more powerful, business people need less and less technical know-how to access and harness this computer power. Business people can increasingly be effective users of technology without understanding its innards; once the priestly domain of IT gurus.

Indeed, access to practical, usable computing power is increasing faster than the rate of Moore’s Law itself, which predicts (accurately, so far) that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit will double every two years. Looked at another way, even if the increase in computing power were to slow, the ability to access and extract value from it will continue to increase.

These new realities give rise to a hybrid professional —a “tweener”— who sits between the technical and business worlds. Tweeners get business, but also know how to put technology to use. Because tweeners can reconcile many of the competing priorities any project has between these two sides of their brains, they can help break through the communication bandwidth problems that frustrate most collaborations between ‘pure’ business people and 'pure' technology people. 

As with most things related to technology and analytics, even small differences in capability quickly develop into much bigger ones. Thus, companies with bigger “tweener armies” will innovate faster and build significant marketplace advantages.