Out of the Blue

Taking a closer look at the effect of the digital revolution.

The Digital Revolution is all around us. The impact of digitization on established businesses, institutions, and start-ups is profound, and is opening up new dimensions to deliver products and services and to interact with customers.

However, perhaps even deeper than the industry changes are the underlying changes that digital is having on our personal and professional lives. In a positive feedback cycle, users foster the development of innovations and, at the same time, change behaviors and preferences upon using them. The expectation of technology to make our lives easier and faster is growing. As digital continues  changing what we do, the question arises: is digital changing who we are?

Out of the Blue digs into these changes: new behaviors, new preferences, and new social mores that are emerging with sucha strength and transformative power that we could be witnessing the dawn of a new concept of the self: the i.AM.

Knowing how individuals evolve in the digital revolution will be critical for businesses and institutions. Out of the Blue’s purpose is to contribute to this knowledge.

Under the overarching theme iAM, we have developed four different concepts:

  • .me: How individualism and personalization take on new dimensions with digital
  • .now: How digital is changing our perception of time and our use of resources
  • .here: How digital is broadening the concepts of place and presence
  • .mind: How digital is affecting our minds and our attention spans

The material is crowdsourced and linked for further reference and reading. We are only scratching the surface and we invite you to join us on this journey.