Global Suppliers, Global Organization

A case for successful transformation

The supplier industry overall is in good shape but faces challenges. Industry requirements are tightening and organizational complexity is on the rise.

While the degree of required change differs, transformation is frequently required to raise organizational maturity. However, despite the fact that many companies initiate a transformation, many fail to accomplish their goals.

The new Point of View Global Supplier, Global Organization discusses how a successful transformation can be achieved. Therefore, a holistic, comprehensive approach is needed. This entails a full review of the organizational architecture in which the company’s processes, decision‑making, performance management and culture are thoroughly analyzed and further developed.

Reasons for Starting an Organizational Transformation

Successful growing suppliers find themselves facing a number of challenges. Developing a more mature organization is one of the keys to ensuring future success.

Doing so provides the opportunity for suppliers to align their “internal engine” with the evolution of their corporate culture and strategy. Oliver Wyman research shows that strategy alignment is the No. 1 reason for starting an organizational transformation. But establishing a new strategy is just one catalyst for transformation. In many cases, mergers and acquisitions, performed to enhance the product portfolio or grow the global footprint.

Global Suppliers, Global Organization