GuideWell Ecosystem: Healthy Human 2.0

GuideWell is focused on helping people and communities achieve better health. Through innovation and collaboration, GuideWell is forming an integrated ecosystem of products and services to enable the consumer in the management of their health.

In its experiential exhibit, Healthy Human 2.0: Next Generation Solutions for Personal Health Management, GuideWell will showcase the innovative solutions it is bringing to the market to transform the home, office, and care setting. By empowering and engaging consumers, GuideWell believes it can improve not only the experience but also the overall affordability of care and individual health outcomes.




GuideWell Ecosystem: Healthy Human 2.0


GuideWell Ecosystem: Healthy Human 2.0

Pat Geraghty, Chairman & CEO, GuideWell Answers 5 Questions
  • 1How does GuideWell think about changing healthcare for the consumer?

    It’s rooted in GuideWell’s mission to help people and communities achieve better health. Every day we re-imagine and re-shape the system into a more integral and useful part of people’s everyday lives by applying our incredibly deep knowledge of healthcare, intimate relationships, a broad view of the healthcare continuum, and the different consumers who use it.

  • 2How are you becoming more integral in people’s lives?

    We aim to create a holistic approach to consumer healthcare. To do that we embrace emerging technologies as part of the individual everyday routine. We believe that you must incorporate prevention and care capabilities in a way that connects health management with home, office, and neighborhood services. Ultimately our goal is to help people in our society maintain and achieve good health by improving their healthcare interactions with modified lifestyle behaviors.

  • 3What will visitors of your exhibit walk away knowing that they did not know before?

    The future is upon us. Technology is becoming a key component to the personal consumer healthcare experience allowing individuals to focus on their healthcare habits in a more convenient way. Developing technology ranges from improvements in the servicing of healthcare financing to products that influence the self-management of care, to patient-physician interactions and follow up care. This integrated approach will eventually lead to more effective outcomes and lower costs.

  • 4How is GuideWell leveraging technology to improve consumer health?

    GuideWell is leveraging technology in multiple ways, for example with interactive networked devices, mobile devices and remote health monitoring tools, and virtual visits to improve care delivery. We are working today to incorporate clinical data – making appointments, viewing lab results, renewing prescriptions, etc. – with behavioral insights – weight loss incentives, stress management, communicating with doctors easily – to achieve the most holistic picture of individual health.

  • 5What aspects of the experience do you think will most resonate with attendees and why?

    When we all collaborate (healthcare practitioners, facilities, and insurance companies) the partnerships and financial opportunities we create will make their way into the industry practice offering exciting and innovative advances that make the world a healthier place for every consumer.