Immersion Tours

Through participation in a subset of the small group sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to learn, share, connect, and engage in dialogue with leaders across the industry.

Each of the sessions will be limited in attendance, encouraging robust discourse on what it takes to achieve transformation and progress toward Health Market 2.0.

Innovation in Action

There is an abundance of innovative solutions in the market today that meet consumers where they are to provide the support, information, and care they desire. In this session, a dozen disruptive innovators will take you on a journey to understand how their solutions help consumers take greater control of their health. The session will be facilitated by Nina Kjellson, General Partner, Interwest Partners; Leslie Wainright, Chief Strategy Officer, Avia Health Innovation; and Aaron Gerber, Partner, Oliver Wyman. See below for a list of the disruptive dozen:

  • EveryMove
    EveryMove offers consumers the ability to turn activity captured from their favorite fitness devices and wearables into rewards and recognition from their health plan and employer. Consumers can engage their personal networks to rally around a common cause such as a charity, competition, or goal.
  • eTect
    eTect has developed a platform for digital medicine, called ID-Cap, which holds a patient’s medication. When a patient ingests their medicine, the ID-Cap emits a message from inside the patient to inform caregivers about medication adherence.
  • TouchCare
    TouchCare makes mobile health easy. The elegant, user friendly app connects patients and their physicians for virtual consultations.
  • PillPack
    PillPack is a full-service pharmacy that makes it simple for customers to take the right medication at the right time. The innovative company combines convenient packaging, modern technology, and personalized service for a better pharmacy experience.
  • Jointly Health
    Jointly Health leverages big data from medical devices, biometric sensors, wearables, environmental factors, and diagnostic kits to predict the onset or exacerbation of chronic conditions and medical events.
  • BioScanR
    BioScanR, an official Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE team, is developing a device that monitors several vital signs to inform early detection and diagnosis.
  • Yo-Fi
    Yo-Fi provides a private labeled mobile application delivering classes in healthy living for enterprises and other populations. Their mobile app is accompanied with engagement communications and delivers rich analytics to support program design and incentives. Integrations with other program elements and devices are easy with the Yo-Fi solution
  • NerdWallet
    NerdWallet is a personal finance website that helps consumers reduce their medical bills. Our mission is to help consumers make smart financial decisions about their healthcare.
  • Ultramatics
    Over the last thirteen years Ultramatics has delivered transformational services and solutions for the healthcare market as a premier IBM partner. Through innovative technologies like IBM Watson, Ultramatics offers the Benefits and Beyond platform for consumers to buy, consume, and overall manage their health and supporting benefits.
  • Wildflower Health
    Wildflower Health delivers a smartphone-based engagement platform to improve healthcare quality and lower medical costs when people start families
  • Zest Health
    Zest Health offers a personalized and streamlined member experience through a unique combination of self-directed tools and live support. Capabilities include: a 24/7 care concierge, appointment scheduling, ability to aggregate all types of benefit information and ID cards, and access to discounted medical and wellness related products and services, all in one intuitive mobile application.
  • WiserTogether
    WiserTogether's personalized decisioning platform delivers tailored patient assessments of healthcare treatments by condition based on clinical evidence, individual preferences, cost, access, and plan coverage to improve outcomes and costs.