Health Market 2.0

This September in Tampa, Florida, the Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center (OWHIC) will host a Summit in collaboration with MediFuture and the Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation (EDC).

Facing an ever-changing landscape, senior leaders in health will convene at this invitation-only event to learn, share, network, and make connections that will serve as the foundation for accelerated transformation. Attendees will hear from leaders who have traveled furthest down the road to tomorrow’s healthcare and experience some of the most transformative models in the market today that highlight what’s possible when innovative organizations join forces. By bringing together senior leaders in a collaborative and engaging forum, the Summit aims to enable real progress toward Health Market 2.0.

Creating a Dramatically Different Consumer Experience

The OWHIC Summit 2014 will focus not just on the innovations that will characterize healthcare’s future, but on the way these innovations will be woven together to create a dramatically different consumer experience – one that’s higher quality, lower cost, seamless, and personalized. Over two days, those in attendance will see and experience Health Market 2.0 coming to life through interactive exhibitions and presentations by market leaders.

The session will be organized around the three major market movements we see emerging:

  • Smart care teams and population health management that enable the personalized, integrated purchasing of health benefits, care delivery, and lifestyle offeringsall with integrated rewards and real-time data
  • Quantified self and consumer engagement that make medicine more personalized, affordable, holistic, and prevention focused
  • Transparent consumer markets and social decision models that connect lifestyle services into the care delivery and benefits domain, giving consumers new tools and incentives to manage their health

The session will also raise the question of how the rise of consumer genomics and predictive medicine will transform the market, and it will feature leaders from Tampa Bay, who can talk about the rigors of making all of this a reality, at scale.

As you begin to think about travel, there will be an optional kick off reception on Tuesday, Sept. 16 at 7 p.m. EST, and the core session will run from Wednesday, Sept. 17 at 7:30 a.m. EST through Thursday, Sept. 18 at 4 p.m. EST. If you have any questions on travel arrangements, please contact Jill Adams.

Health Market 2.0

Tom Main and Josh Michelson Answers 4 Questions
  • 1What do you mean by “Health Market 2.0”?

    Market 2.0 is our term for the consumer-driven, value-based marketplace we see arising in healthcare. Unlike today’s frustrating, fragmented healthcare landscape, the future landscape will be seamless, affordable, highly social/mobile-tech enabled, and prevention focused. What’s most exciting is we’ve seen these transformations before – consider the rise of the consumer travel and consumer financial services industries. And there are already lots of great health innovations percolating up. The challenge is knitting them together into a genuine new market faster.

  • 2Why have you chosen to partner with Tampa Bay on the event?

    Tampa Bay has set out to become a major force behind the transformation of healthcare. In the words of Rick Homans, CEO of the Tampa Hillsborough EDC, the region hopes to take “big leaps that are transformative, disruptive, and innovative, that take us from where we are today to where we want to be.” The city’s vision of consumer-driven healthcare rooted in new business models, relationships, platforms, and technologies is deeply aligned with OWHIC’s vision.

  • 3How will guests experience new business designs?

    We’re quite enthusiastic about this part of the program. In addition to our main stage speakers, a number of innovative organizations have agreed to create experiential vignettes that participants will be able to explore during guided tours by the respective companies’ top leaders. The goal is to bring some of these new business models to life, so guests can appreciate their transformative power.

  • 4What will attendees take away from their MediFuture experience?

    We think the greatest power of the meetings convened by OWHIC comes not just from the ideas and stories shared by leaders, but from the community and shared sense of purpose developed across the two days. That is the aspiration for this event as well. Healthcare is poised for reinvention, and it’s up to this generation of leaders to seize this moment. We’re excited to be bringing together some of the industry’s best minds to help accomplish just that.