Information technology as a value driver

Innovation and productivity gains are the essence of a company’s competitiveness and profitability. In this process, information technology plays the critical lead role of ‘enabler’. Without sophisticated IT systems, it would be impossible to create value chains that extend around the world.

High-end hardware, upgradable software and global networks have given rise to the evolution of entire industries, the digitalization of virtually every business process and the development of novel business designs. These strides have come at a price though as global spending on hardware, software and IT services has escalated.

These rising expenses have sent a shudder through companies. They realize that IT will be the key to unlocking their future flexibility, speed and customer focus. Frequently, however, they view IT as a menacing cost driver that often leads a life of its own as well. This is precisely where Oliver Wyman steps in. We view technology as the critical value driver at companies and place its benefit to operational business activities at the center of our work. Our strategic approach covers every aspect of IT applications, broken down into the four focal points of enablement, execution, effectiveness and efficiency. Our No. 1 priority in every project we carry out is to optimize our client’s competitiveness. In the process, we apply IT as a value driver. The hidden potential here is unearthed by the IT value analysis that we frequently conduct before initiating a project. Depending on a company’s starting point, productivity gains of up to 20 percent have been identified.

Information technology as a value driver