Traffic Flow Analyzer (TFA)

Railroads have a critical need to be able to analyze the operations and services they provide to their customers. History provides the best insight into how the railroad operates in the routing of railcars, the trains that are operated, the sizes and make-up of trains, and the workloads at yards.

While railroads have invested heavily in data warehouses, these systems tend to be slow, difficult to use, and fail to allow easy, focused queries relevant to railroad concerns – namely car routings for an origin/destination pair, train runs that include the blocks and cars carried, and yard line-ups with “drill-down” tools to view the details of trains, blocks, and cars at a yard.

Oliver Wyman’s Traffic Flow Analyzer (TFA) bridges this knowledge gap for freight railroads by bringing transportation intelligence to massive, highly detailed transportation data, and provides railroads with the data mining, evaluation and display tools to improve the analysis of their business, lower operating costs and produce greater profitability.

Traffic Flow Analyzer (TFA)