Private Healthcare Exchanges: An FAQ

Oliver Wyman’s latest research shows that private exchanges are no fad – they’re a very real consideration for employers with at least 50 percent of employers willing to leverage them for a 10 percent cost savings (see exhibit lower left) and as such they must be a material component of any health plan’s strategic plans.

Percent of Employers Who Would Consider Switching to a Private Exchange

But while there’s growing consensus private exchanges are here to stay, there are many unknowns on what they will look like and how they will operate. To bring some clarity, Oliver Wyman compiled a collection of critical, top-of-mind questions facing the industry and answered them based on experience with first movers and our recent employer and employee research – providing a host of lessons learned and “voice of the consumer” feedback that can help health plans (and even some providers) avoid certain missteps and focus on the key success factors that will unlock the value private exchanges can offer.

Private Healthcare Exchanges: An FAQ